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Address from the Director
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Address from the Director
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Address from the Director  



ICCAS (Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences) is a multi-disciplinary research institute dedicated to the basic research in broad fields of chemical sciences, and to the key developments of the innovative high-technology aiming to the imperative national needs and important strategic targets, as well as to the collaborative high-technology applications and transfers.

In more than 50 years,ICCAS has made many important achievements on the basic research, high-technology development and technology transfer. ICCAS has also trained generations of excellent researchers in science,and has made significant contributions to the development of the science and technology cause, national economy and defense. Since the start of the reforming of the national science and technology infrastructure, especially since the initiation of the Knowledge Innovation Project in the Chinese Academy of Sciences, ICCAS has undergone significant structural adjustments. With these changes, new mechanisms have been established to combine the efforts on the knowledge and high-technology innovation and on fostering their commercialization. A workforce with optimized structure and high qualification aimed to scientific innovation has also been formed. Aiming to the international frontiers in the molecular sciences, and targeting the major and strategic national needs in the high-technology development, ICCAS has made progresses in broad fields. With the long excellent tradition in various research disciplines, top-notch research workforces and research capabilities, ICCAS has become a research institution not only with strong integrated strength and innovation capability domestically, but also with important influence and impact in the international scientific community.

Looking into the future, ICCAS shall play more important roles in the basic, strategic and forward looking researches aiming to advance the scientific frontiers, and to meet the urgent national needs and strategic targets, and to make more contributions to the chemical sciences and the national economic developments.

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