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A Nine-atom Rhodium-aluminum Oxide Cluster Can Oxidi... [2016.07.06]
何圣贵1.jpg Noble metals can promote the direct participation of lattice oxygen of very stable oxide materials such as aluminum oxide, to oxidize reactant molecules, while the fundamental mechanism of noble metal catalysis is elusive. Here we report that a si...
Adsorption of CO on Metal-free Mo2C2– Cluster Aanio... [2016.07.06]
何圣贵2.jpg Atomic clusters are being actively studied for activation of methane, the most stable alkane molecule. While many cluster cations are very reactive with methane, the cluster anions are usually not very reactive, particularly for noble metal free a...
Scientists reveal novel controllable assembled struc... [2016.07.06]
News-英文版3_姚立.gif Hierarchically structured magnetic single-hole hollow spheres (MSHS) have been successfully obtained via a facile self-assembly strategy. This methodology allows the double emulsions generated via the combined effect of self-emulsification and pha...
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ICCAS Signed Collaboration Agreement with University of Utah [2015.04.04]
ICCAS Signed Collaboration Agreement with University of Utah [2015.04.04]
Prof. Michel Che Delivers the 89th Molecular Science Fronti... [2013.06.21]
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