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Design and Application of a Low Bandgap Non-fulleren... [2016.07.28]
侯剑辉2b.jpg A novel non-fullerene acceptor, IEICO, possessing a very low bandgap of 1.34 eV was designed and synthesized by introducing electron-donating alkoxy groups to the backbone of a conjugated small molecule. When IEICO was incorporated into polymer so...
Tuning Ice Nucleation with Counterions on Polyelectr... [2016.07.28]
王健君1b.jpg Ice formation is ubiquitous and crucial in many fields such as cryobiology , geology and climate science .It is believed that the molecular level understanding of on ice formation is essential to predict the future of our planet .In real systems ,...
New Aapproach to Achieve High-mobility Polymer FETs [2016.07.28]
Organic semiconductors have received lots of attentions in recent years , because of their promising applications in the low-cost production of flexible and light-weight electronics , such as wearable devices .Charge carrier mobility is a crucial ...
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ICCAS Signed Collaboration Agreement with University of Utah [2015.04.04]
ICCAS Signed Collaboration Agreement with University of Utah [2015.04.04]
Prof. Michel Che Delivers the 89th Molecular Science Fronti... [2013.06.21]
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