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ICCAS Researchers Advance Guided Self-Propelled tran... [2016.05.18]
W020160518596026530458.jpg By introducing anisotropic micropatterns on a superhydrophobic surface, we demonstrate that water microdroplets can coalesce and leap over the surface spontaneously along a prescribed direction. This controlled behavior is attributed to anisotropi...
Two-State Reactivity in Low-Valent Iron-Mediated C–... [2016.05.18]
W020160518592969228057.jpg Our key mechanistic discovery for C-H arylation reactions reveals a two-state reactivity (TSR) scenario, in which the low-spin Fe(II) singlet state, which is initially an excited state crosses over the ground high-spin state and promotes C-H bond ...
ICCAS realized organic printed photonic circuits [2015.10.16]
W020151016351231177191.jpg Photonic integrated devices and circuits take advantages of fast transport speed , short response delay , and high capability of parallel computing , which may greatly compensate the shortcomings of nowadays interrogated electronic circuits .In li...
Int`l Cooperation News
ICCAS Signed Collaboration Agreement with University of Utah [2015.04.04]
ICCAS Signed Collaboration Agreement with University of Utah [2015.04.04]
Prof. Michel Che Delivers the 89th Molecular Science Fronti... [2013.06.21]
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