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ICCAS has new progress in novel fluorescent probe in... [2014.09.15]
W020140915294661677301.jpg Fluorescent probes are powerful tools in the biological research and other fields due to their high sensitivity and specificity , fast response , and potential for real-time detection .The development of novel fluorescent probes has received more ...
ICCAS Developed A High-Energy Room-Temperature Sodiu... [2014.04.21]
421.jpg Under the supports of the National Natural Science Foundation of China , the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology , the Chinese Academy of Sciences .Prof . Yu-Guo Guo ’ s group from the CAS Key Laboratory of Molecular Nanostructure and Nano...
Mass Spectrometric Proteomics Reveals that Nuclear P... [2014.03.10]
W020140310368546075269.jpg An MS-based proteomic strategy combined with chemically functionalized gold nanoparticles as affinity probes was developed and validated by successful identification and quantification of HMGB1 , which is well characterized to interact selectively...
Int`l Cooperation News
Prof. Michel Che Delivers the 89th Molecular Science Fronti... [2013.06.21]
Prof. Carlos J. Bustamante Delivers the 88th Molecular Scie... [2013.06.06]
Prof. Zhenan Bao Delivers the 86th Molecular Science Fronti... [2013.05.13]
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