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Jiang Long

Jiang Long (1933- ) Chemist.

Elected as CAS Academician in 2001.


     Long JIANG, Colloid and Interface Chemist. Born in Shanghai in 1933, native place is Fujian Province . Research Professor of Institute of Chemistry, Elected as CAS Academician in 2001, Graduated from Chemistry Department of Nanjing University majoring in Colloid Chemistry in 1953, Graduated from Institute of Physical Chemistry in Academy of Sciences of USSR from 1956 to 1960, and got Ph.D. Degree in 1960 in Moscow . His main research area is Colloid and Interface Science. In the early days of his research, he studied the relationship of polymerization rate of silicic acid and pH under the supervise of Academician Dai Anbang and has received the 2nd National Natural Science Award; In 1960 th to 1970 th , he took part in the research and development work on photographic film for remote-sensing reconnaissance; In 1980 th he was dealing with rheology and stabilization of disperse system, such as high loaded coal water slurry as well as surface rheology in enhanced oil recovery and solved a series of difficult tasks ; He developed some useful home made equipment for the surface rheology investigation, proving the closing relationship between the stability of emulsion and the surface viscosity. From 1986, his main interest has focused in Biomimetic films; Biosensor and other molecular organized assemblies, promoted and organized the committee of “organized molecular assemblies” in Chinese Chemical Society. He has been made a lot of contributions in the biomimetic membrane, such as enzymatic membrane, artificial vision-mimetic membrane. Color changeable vesicle biosensor, DNA sensor as well as the nanometer particles preparation and their application in biological system. His work on the detection of E-coli by color changeable vesicle has been published in J. Amer. Chem. Soc. and other famous journals. He is the author/translator/editor of five books and 10 patents as well as 198 scientific papers. He is the international editor of the Russian journal "Colloid Journal" (Eng. Edition) and editor of 4 Chinese journals.

  He is a boarding member of Chinese Chemical Society, and has been the Chairman of the Commission of Organized Molecular Films, Chairperson of the Scientific Committee of Lab of Colloid and Interface Science. He has been the Chairman of Asia organized molecular film conference once and Chairman of China-Japan Organized Molecular Film twice. Recipient of 8 awards, including National Natural Science award II grade, Special Award for National Defense Research and some awards from Chinese Academy of Sciences.

  He has given the course "Colloid and Interface" in graduate school of Chinese Academy sciences for 10 years, and have got the "Outstanding teacher award" from the education bureau of CAS in 1988.

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