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Huang Zhi-tang

Huang Zhi-tang (1928- ) Chemist

Elected as CAS Academician in 1991.

      Chemist. Born in Huangyan , Zhejiang Province. Graduated from the Department of Chemistry, Tongji University . Research professor, Institute of Chemistry , Chinese Academy of Sciences.

      Huang worked on silicone chemistry in the 1950s and phenolic resin in the 1960s. He synthesized phenolic resin for low-pressure fabrication and made his contributions to the heat protective materials for space technology. His creative work also covers the areas of triazine cross-linked new type heat-resistant polymers and cross-linked polyimides. Since the 1970s, he has studied heterocyclic ketene (aminals) and prepared more than 700 new compounds, whose biological activities are tested for screening drugs and agricultural chemicals. On the basis of phenolic resin, he studied the chemistry of calixarene, which could form host-quest inclusion complexes that might be used as model for enzyme mimics. He obtained significant results in chemical modification and the research of inclusion properties.

      He was elected Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1991.

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