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Jiang Li-jin

Jiang Li-jin (1919- ) Chemist

Elected as CAS Academician in 1980.

      Chemist. Female. Born in Hangzhou , Zhejiang Province. Graduated from the Department of Chemical Engineering, Furen University in 1944 and received Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota , USA in 1951. Research professor, Institute of Photographic Chemistry , Chinese Academy of Sciences, member, Standing Committee of the 6th, 7th and 8th CPPCC, and member, Standing Committee of the Division of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

      Jiang has been engaged in the studies of chemistry of natural products for pharmaceutical application, organic analysis, structural identification of organic compounds and elementary organic chemistry. At the end of 1970s, she initiated research on photobiology in China . Around 1980, right after the first discovery and application of hypocerllins clinically as a phototherapeutic agent for the treatment of certain skin diseases and cancers, she and her colleagues kept on the studies of the mechanism of phototherapeutic effects of hypocerllins. She has made progress on the study of the structures and light energy transfers among the phycobiliproteins of marine algae. She published a number of monographs such as "Chemistry and Phototherapeutic Mechanism of Hypocrellins" which won her a second prize of the Natural Science Award of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1990, and other publications on phycobiliproteins for which she was conferred another second prize of the Natural Science Award of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1993.

      She was elected Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1980.

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