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Qian Ren-yuan

Qian Ren-yuan (1917- ) Chemist

Elected as CAS Academician in 1980.

Deputy Director, Director of ICCAS (1977-1985).


      Chemist. Born in Changshu , Jiangsu Province. Graduated from the Department of Chemistry, Zhejiang University in 1939. Research professor, Institute of Chemistry , Chinese Academy of Sciences.

      Since 1953, Qian has carried out research on the properties of polymer solution, chain structure of polymers, polymer physics, mechanical properties of polymers, and rheology and so on. He worked out more than 16 sorts of new and precision instruments and promoted the study of polymer physics. He carefully studied the inter relationship between the structures and properties and the processing of polymers, and creatively developed a method of molar mass distribution to suit the processing of polypropylene, which laid a good foundation for the development of polypropylene fiber industry in China. After the 1970s, he started the research on the conductivity of organic solids. His research interests also cover excimers and exciplexes, carrier transport process in organic solids, new type of organic conductors and conductive polymers.

      He was elected Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1980.

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