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Jiang Ming-qian

Jiang Ming-qian (1910-1995) Chemist

Elected as CAS Academician in 1980.

      Chemist. Born in Pengxi , Sichuan Province. Graduated from the Department of Chemistry, Peking University . Received Ph.D. from the University of Illinois , USA in 1944. Research professor, Institute of Chemistry , Chinese Academy of Sciences.

      Jiang has been engaged in the research on organic chemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry. He paid great attention to the relationship between specific phenomena and the entire phenomenon in his research work. He stressed the relation between the structures of drugs and pharmacology in his early work of pharmaceutical chemistry. In the 1950s, he began to study the quantitative relationship between the structures of organic compounds and their properties. In 1962, he proposed that the "index of inductive effect"may be used for the property prediction of nonconjugated organic compounds and this was widely accepted. In 1977, he put forward the "linear law of homologous series" which could be used for the quantitative calculation and prediction of the relationship between the properties and structures of all homologous series of organic compounds.

      He was elected Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1980.

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