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【10:00am, May 11, 2010】 Synthetic Polypeptide Materials for Biomedical Applications

Date: 05-12-2010   source:    Print

Speaker: Prof. Timothy J. Deming

Site: Main Auditorium of  ICCAS



Prof. Timothy J. Deming
Chair, Department of Bioengineering, UCLA


8/1989 - 10/1993 University of California Berkeley, CA

Ph.D. in Chemistry, Advisor

Ph.D. thesis research with Dr. Bruce M. Novak

Research encompassing polymer synthesis using organometallic catalysis, elucidation of polymerization mechanisms, and physical properties of helical macromolecules.

9/1985 - 6/1989 University of California Irvine, CA

B.S. in Chemistry.

Undergraduate research with Dr. William J. Evans, 6/1987 - 6/1989.

Research activities involved exploration and expansion of the chemistry of cerium(IV) through synthesis of alkoxide and organometallic complexes.

Work Experience

7/06 – Present Chair, Bioengineering Department, UCLA

7/06 – 1/09         Chair, Biomedical Engineering, Interdepartmental Program, UCLA

7/04 – Present Professor, Bioengineering and Chemistry Departments, UCLA

7/03 - 6/04          Professor, Materials and Chemistry Departments, UCSB

7/99 - 6/03          Associate Professor, Materials and Chemistry Departments, UCSB

2/96 - 6/99          Assistant Professor. Materials and Chemistry Departments, UCSB

3/95 - 1/96          Assistant Professor, Materials Department, UCSB

11/93 - 3/95         Postdoctoral research associate with Professor David A. Tirrell

University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA

Awards and Honors

IUPAC Macromolecular Division Young Scientist Award 2004

MRS Young Investigator Award 2003

Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar 2000

3M Non-Tenured Faculty Award 1999

Beckman Young Investigator Award 1998-2000

Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow 1998-2000

National Science Foundation CAREER Award 1997-2001

Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Award 1996-1999

University of California, Regents Junior Faculty Fellow 1996

Selected Publications

1.     "Nanoscale Double Emulsions Stabilized by Single Component Block Copolypeptides" Hanson, J.A.; Chang, C.; Graves, S.; Li, Z.; Mason, T.G.; and Deming, T.J. Nature, 2008, 455, 85-88.

2.     “Polyarginine Segments in Block Copolypeptides Drive Both Vesicular Assembly and Intracellular Delivery” Holowka, E. P.; Sun, V. Z.; Kamei, D. T.; Deming, T. J. Nature Materials, 2007, 6, 52–57.

3.     “Charged Polypeptide Vesicles with Controllable Diameter” Holowka, E. P.; Pochan, D. J.; Deming, T. J. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2005, 127, 12423 - 12428.

4.     “Stimuli Responsive Polypeptide Vesicles via Conformation Specific Assembly” Bellomo, E.; Wyrsta, M. D.; Pakstis, L.; Pochan, D. J.; Deming, T. J. Nature Materials, 2004, 3, 244-248.

5.     “Rapidly Recovering Hydrogel Scaffolds From Self-Assembling Diblock Copolypeptide Amphiphiles”. Nowak, A. P.; Breedveld, V.; Pakstis, L.; Ozbas, B.; Pine, D. J.; Pochan, D.; Deming, T. J. Nature, 2002, 417, 424-428.

6.     "Biomimetic Synthesis of Ordered Silica Structures Mediated by Block Copolypeptides". Cha, J. N.; Stucky, G. D.; Morse, D. E. and Deming, T. J. Nature, 2000, 403, 289-292.

7.     "Methylated Mono- and Diethyleneglycol Functionalized Polylysines: Nonionic, Helical, Water Soluble Polypeptides". Yu, M.; Nowak, A. P.; Pochan, D. P. and Deming, T. J. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 1999, 121, 12210-12211.

8.     "Facile Synthesis of Block Copolypeptides of Defined Architecture". Deming, T. J. Nature, 1997, 390, 386-389.

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