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Coating Carbon Nanotubes with Rare-Earth Oxides Multiwalled Nanotubes

Date: 05-17-2004   source: Yunqi Liu   Print

By Lei Fu, Zhimin Liu, Yunqi Liu,* Buxing Han, Jiaqiu Wang, Pingan Hu, Lingchao Cao and Daoben Zhu*


   Based on a simple low temperature chemical-solution method, multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) coated with crystalline multiwalled europium oxide nanotubes have been successfully synthesized, a nominally complete and uniform coating over the entire outer surface of nanotubes. The structures are confirmed by TEM, EDX, XRD and XPS. Visible photoluminescence at 590 nm and 615 nm of europium oxide-coated MWCNTs is observed. The multi-layered europium oxide-coated MWCNTs provide an opportunity for synthesis of rare earth oxide nanotubes and potential to be field emitters, or nanometer-scale optoelectronic devices. The studies have demonstrated a potential of synthesizing various nanotubes including non-layered structure compounds by this solution-based route in the low-temperature range.


Adv. Mater., 2004, 16(4), 350-532

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